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Yoga: A Phenomenological Approach

The phenomenological approach to (classical) yoga is guided by direct experience . The object of the study of yoga is experience itself , the very thing in/as which you exist, the very thing that is always already happening , the very thing outside of which you could never position yourself, the very thing that doesn’t conform to your will, the very thing that contains all other things , the very horizons of your awareness (and its intervening space). The object of the study of yoga is not some other time or place outside of the single tissue of experience. Or, if it is some other place/time, it is some “other” place/time within your innermost experience, within the single experiencing that you are always already having. The object of the study of yoga just is this , the single happening of experience, in/as which you happen to find yourself. A most basic description of our starting point is something like there is experiencing , or awareness just is happening or even a ppearing is

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